Make your computer completely virus free :)

Does'nt matter if you don't have a professional antirus.
I am telling you how to remove every type of virus from
you computer with just free version of any antivirus (I recomend Avira Free Antivirus)
Now lets starts....

1: First of install fresh window in your PC
Warnis... Be carefull don't try anything by yourself, just follow me step by step as i say.
2: After window instalation when your PC disktop appears.
Just right click on "My computer" and click OPEN (Dont open with double click)

3: Now go to "Folder Option" in Tools menu, see the following snap

4: This new Window will be open. Select "View" 
Then check "Show hidden files & folders" , uncheck next two option " Hide extensions for known file type" & "Hide protected operating system file" then click "OK" as shown in the snap.


5: Now Open D drive from the drop down menu as in snap

Be careful now its very important step. Here you will some hidden files, folder and some folders with extension of .exe (Like Document.exe, u.ini, Softwares.exe and other hidden file) as shown in the snap

Delete such type files & folders as i highlighted in this snap
7: The folder name ending with .exe and other hidden .exe files are viruses dont open or douple click them .  Just select such file (virus) with just single click & press SHIFT + DELETE to delete it completely. Delete all these viruses one by one.. If you have other drives like E F G etc then also repeat the same process with that drives one ye one.

8: Finaly you need to install an antivirus from a virus free Flash drive or CD and perform a complete scan on your PC, then your system will be completely washout and virus free.

Hope this tutorial will help you out. Best of luck


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