Close your applications by just clicking "Close " button easily instead of hang up.

Have you ever faced the problem that your PC Hang's up, you are closing all the running applications by close option & it display "End Task" again and again and doesn't close your running  application system hangs up, then follow these steps to get rid of this problem.

1: Go to run command & type regedit and click OK

2: Registry editer will be open. Here slecet "HKEY_CURRENT_USER", then click "Control panel"
then "Desktop". After that look on right side of the window here is an option "AutoEndTasks"

3: Now right on "AutoEndTasks" and click modify

 4: Edit sring window will be open. Here you will see the "Data value" 0.
Delet 0 and entry the new value 1, Click ok to save the changes.

Now you will get free of facing that problem and you be able to easily close your application instead of hanging up. Best of luck


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