Get your own free Domain

Before getting a Domain, first im telling you what a domain is?
A Domain is the name of a company or an organization's website name, we may call it URL. In other words the name of a company or an organization's website is called Domain or URL. eg: YOUTUBE is a is company having their website with Domain name/URL "". So if want to have your own
domain with your required name like "" the its very easy & free... Lets
go & get your own domain.

First of all go to and make your free account first..
After getting account...

Next step is to search for a domain of your choice as mention in following snap.

Now when you see the domain of  your choice is available, then click on Continue to register 
as shown in the snap.

After getting registered your domain, you need to set up your domain. Click on Set up button

Now select first option Name Server(DNS) under your domain name

Now enter in Name server1 & in Name Server2 and 
click on Set up button as shown in snap.

You will see this message "Your changes has been submitted 

Now you have done the job and your domain will be activated within 24 hours or may be before
24 hours.. Now you will have your own domain. Best of luck & Enjoy it


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