Turn your PC into WiFi Hotspot without a WiFi router

Today i am sharing a very useful tool with you people. That enable you to share your PC internet over WiFi. It use multiple connections simultaneously for their combined speed and reliability. You can use any combination of available internet. First make sure that you have that you have a Laptop /PC having built-in or external WiFi and Internet connection.

Now you have to purchase the software Connectify Hotspot PRO  (May be available free in torrent).
Download and install it. After installation it will appear in task-bar, click it to run.

Step1: Give a specific name to your Hotspot of your choice.

Step2: Give a password to make your Hotspot restricted from unauthorized access.

Step3: Select a specific internet connection that you wanna share over Hotspot OR let them selected Automatic. It will automatically pick the available connection.

Step4: In Advance settings select share over WiFi, select sharing mode of your choice. If no need don't select anything in advance setting let them selected Default.

Step5: Click button Start Hotspot, now you have turned your PC into Hotspot and it will start broadcasting.

Now you can use your internet in WiFi enabled devices through this Hotspot with out having a wireless access point. Enjoy it.


taylor said...

good site, thnx for all


No need to Download all dis kind of sotware and occupy HD space for it jst follow dis simple steps :
Step-1 : run cmd utility as Administrator. from start menu.

Step-2 : run command> netsh wlan
Step-3> run command> set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=urssid key=password keyUsage=persistent

Step-3> create one text file on desktop wid name startwifi.txt

Step-4> edit that text file add this line into file >
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Step-5> rename startwifi.txt to startwifi.bat

STep-6> whenever u want to start wifi hostspot just run this startwifi.bat file as administrator its enough.

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