How to connect two PCs via cable?

We can connect two PCs together to share data & resources through a cable. For this you need a cross cable. Connect the cross cable with both PCs.
First make sure that your LAN card driver is installed & Local Area Connection is enabled on both PCs.
Now go to connections in Network Places & check for Local Area Connection, right click on Local Area connection  and go to properties.

 Select on Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and open properties. 

Here give this IP and Subnet Mask (for PC1). Click OK to save settings.

For PC2 settings repeat the above steps but give different IP like  and click OK to save settings.

Now share any folder on a on PC1 and access it from PC2.
For accessing a shared folder from PC2 go to Run command and type the IP of  PC1 followed by double back slashes eg: \\ and click OK.

 The shared data (Folder) will be displayed in a new window.

NOTE: If you shared data on PC2 and wana access it from PC1 then do the same process but give the IP of PC2 (data owner PC) like \\
By this you can share data fastly & easily. Enjoy & best of luck


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very good yar

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gud,but you can't use internet facility.:(

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Yes Dear you can but if do not have internet then you can use this one

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